Professional oven and kitchen cleaning services in London and UK

Forgot how shiny your oven was the first time you turned it on? We can help you remember!

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Domestic oven cleaning for tasty food and spotless environment

  • Prolonging the life of your cooker
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Ready to use right after service
  • No mess left behind
  • Better tasting meals
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Achieve culinary perfection, leave the commercial kitchen cleaning to us

  • Canopy cleaning included
  • Taking care of all kitchen equipment
  • Keeps your kitchen in presentable state
  • Eliminating the risk of fires
  • Improving the working environment of the staff

Explore all extra oven and kitchen care you can get

Special oven and bbq care services:

Aga cleaning

There isn’t anything quite like the Aga cooker, is there? Well, you can rest assured that the Fantastic technicians sure know to clean one. Just make sure to lower its temperature as best as you can (or turn it off even if possible) before your cleaner arrives.

When your expert arrives, he will carefully examine the appliance and determine the best way to clean. All removable parts will be soaked in a dip tank while he scrubs the rest of the cooker meticulously. At the end, the technician will put the parts back and the job is done. You can start using your Aga cooker right away.

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BBQ cleaning
You’ve got to love that smokey flavour. But the grill is usually a total pain to clean. Well, not anymore because our service takes care of this as well. Your grill will be dismantled and the removable parts will be left to soak in a dip tank filled with cleaning solution. This will effectively dissolve the accumulated cooked-on greasy crust. In the meantime, the specialist will scrub the rest of the BBQ meticulously.
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Kitchen care services:

Kitchen deep cleaning
This is a comprehensive service that focuses on many important areas of the kitchen. Here’s what it includes:
  • Deep-cleaning all appliances, including white goods;
  • Cabinets, cupboards and drawers are cleaned inside out;
  • Sinks, taps, and all work surfaces are sanitised;
  • The doors and their frames are wiped down;
  • Dusting on top of cupboards;
  • Cleaning windows and their frames from the inside;
  • The floor is hoovered and mopped;
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Appliances cleaning
From the dishwasher to the toaster, there are all kinds of appliances found in the kitchen. And we can clean them all to perfection. Be it the fridge or the juicer, it doesn’t matter - the technicians have the knowledge and all necessary equipment to bring you amazing results. Oh, and by the way, in case the fridge needs to be cleaned, please make sure to defrost it prior to the service.
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Eco Cleaning
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Eco Friendly
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